The Creation of Mia Le Réal Beauté & Monsieur Le Réal SKIN

The Creation of Mia Le Réal Beauté & Monsieur Le Réal SKIN

"Creating this skincare line for both women and men was so important to me. This passion lead me to develop Mia Le Réal Beauté and Monsieur Le Réal SKIN. I designed separate skincare brands for women and men because I believed separating the two would allow for more individuality within the company, and allow us to better assist everyones wants and needs. We plan on expanding into fashion in which we will also have separate brands for women and men, so we believed it would be best to do the same with our skincare line. 

With studying marketing for several years, I understood that the markets for women and men vary. While there are plenty of unisex skincare brands available, they are normally stationed in marketing channels more catered to women especially since there is the stigma that skincare coincides with beauty and cosmetics which is another heavily female dominated industry and market.

When I walk into stores, all of the skincare, regardless if the skincare is unisex or not, it is next to make up, and near women's clothing & accessories, while perfume is the only item you see in men's sections. All of these factors played a part in my decision to create two different brands. While the products in both lines are currently very similar, we hope to expand our skincare lines to meet the individual needs for both women and men. 

Any and everyone can use whichever brands they believe bests suit them and the skin their in, and we are open to catering to every persons skincare needs. Everyone deserves to have healthy, happy, and glowing skin, and Mia Le Réal skincare was designed to deliver on this necessity. 

Welcome to Mia Le Réal.

All Love”

Mia Juanita Le Réal