Mia Le Réal Co. Story & Company Mission

Our Story:

The beginning of Mia Le Réal Co. was ignited with the desire to bring a renaissance of satisfaction, luxury, and magnificence into the retail industry.

The creation of Mia Le Réal began with Mia Juanita Le Réal, our founder. She was given a sense of passion and determination to develop her own retail company. Allowing her to express her creativity and love for design along with her devotion to serving others to provide a wonderful experience of luxury and happiness she believes everyone deserves.

Mia Le Réal Co. is so very honored and blessed to welcome you, and we hope you find everything we offer to your great benefit.

This is only the beginning for Mia Le Réal, the person & the company, and as we expand with more and more fabulous brands ranging from skincare to fashion to home essentials, we are excited to have you here for the journey.

Welcome to Mia Le Réal.

Company Mission:

Our mission is to offer a renaissance of satisfaction, luxury, and magnificence to all. Specializing in class, quality, and decadence. We strive to design and develop remarkable products and services able to transcend the notions of happiness, creativity, and excellence for all who enter the Magnificence of Mia Le Réal.