Creation of Mia Le Réal Co.

The Creation Of Mia Le Réal

"I was able to achieve my goal of graduating High School early, which gave me a semester of “free”time for my passion of developing and launching my business to immensely grow. I knew it was the perfect time to start the official process of making my dreams come true, especially since I was about to begin University to study & obtain my Bachelor’s degree in business, marketing, media, and journalism where I could apply my higher education knowledge right into my career. This multi-faceted, multi-branded company is all getting started with my love for botanical, organic, all-natural skincare. I have taken the past few years to research and design the best skincare products to launch my business with, and I can’t wait for you to not only witness our amazing skincare lines, but all of the brands we will be showcasing in the future.

It was very important to me that I create an elevated, high-end company, and I took many years to cultivate what exactly my luxury brand would look and feel like. I can proudly say that I am a type A Perfectionist who looked into every detail I could to design the best products, brands, website, and company to present to the world. I am so elated that I extensively took the time to find only the best ingredients to formulate with, and the best packaging items to incorporate into my business. Have you ever seen skincare come in a custom satin bag? I want to present to the world a company that has a great sense of class, quality, and decadence. 

This is only the beginning for Mia Le Réal, the person & the company, and I am so excited to show the world all we have to offer as we continue to expand the company, and become THE household name in the retail industry.

Welcome to Mia Le Réal,

All Love”

Mia Juanita Le Réal

Mia Le Réal Day: 12.1.23