Creation Of Mia Le Réal Skincare

The Creation of Mia Le Réal Skincare

"For majority of my life, I have been able to manage having healthy skin. As I got older, I enjoyed trying several different products on my skin, but unfortunately, some did more damage than good, so it made me want to continue to better educate myself  on what exactly I was using on my skin. I realized that a lot of my favorite skincare brands and products at the time were filled with synthetic chemicals, dyes, and fragrances. This lead me to learn about the power of botanical elements, and natural & organic ingredients being the best to help restore, hydrate, and moisturize my skin, so it could look and feel its absolute best.

Another major priority I had when creating this skincare line was to make it tree-nut free. As someone who has a tree-nut allergy, it was very difficult for me to find skincare, especially natural skincare that did not contain sweet almond oil, It was A STRUGGLE.  It became imperative that I find ingredients that add even greater benefits than any and all tree nut oils you find in most skincare products. 

After researching and sourcing all of the ingredients used in our products, we spent over two years on testing and perfecting the formulas for each product. It was extremely important that each product had the best texture, smell, and delivered the best results, and not just for one skin type, but for all. We tested on dry skin, acne prone skin, oily skin, sensitive skin, and combination skin, all having fantastic results with using Mia Le Réal skincare."

Mia Juanita Le Réal

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