About Mia Le Réal Beauté

About Mia Le Réal Beauté

"Mia Le Réal Beauté is a luxury all natural, botanical, organic skincare brand for Women. Our main goal in creating the brand was to design the finest skincare products offering rejuvenation, enhancement, illumination, and nourishment to the skin using natural, botanical, and organic ingredients to help your skin look and feel its very best. 

Mia Le Réal Beauté is dedicated and determined to offer the most astonishing luxury women's skincare line, and become everything you skin has ever dreamed for and more!

Many skincare items on the market are created with synthetic chemical, fillers, dyes, fragrances, and more harmful elements that we should not be using on our skin. After several years of research and testing, Mia Le Réal Beauté has sought after the best ingredients to use in skincare, and develop the best formulas for us all to use. Another great contribution of Mia Le Réal Beauté is the fact that all of our products are made without any tree-nut oils, and our formulas are created with over 90% non-comedogenic ingredients. Many skincare products, especially face and body oils, contain Sweet Almond Oil, which causes many people with tree-nut allergies to be excluded from using them. Non-comedogenic ingredients do not clog pores. This makes them essential for healthy skin, especially for those with acne prone and oily skin types. It was imperative that we create products that everyone would be able to use, and provide even more nutrients to the skin than the ingredients we decided not to include in our skincare. 

Your skincare will arrive in a packaging box with our Mia Le Réal custom packaging tape, so you know its us at your door. Once you open your special delivery, you will notice our beautiful, custom tissue paper wrapping you items. You will find each of your products in a Mia Le Réal custom satin bag with a product information card explaining how to use each product and its ingredients mirroring the same information you see on our website. You will also find an envelope with your invoice receipt, thank you card, and business card.

We hope each and every product works wonders for you skin, and has you coming back for more.  

Every women deserves to have the healthy, glowing skin, and this is the mission of Mia Le Réal Beauté."

Mia Juanita Le Réal

Mia Le Réal Beauté Skincare

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