R.J, Monsiuer Le Réal

R.J., Face of Monsieur Le Réal SKIN

"Welcome, I’m RJ. I am the first of many to use Monsieur Le Réal SKIN, and I am honored and blessed to be chosen as the face of the brand.

 As a young man with combination oily, acne prone skin, and a tree nut allergy, it was more than a challenge to find natural skincare that could cater to my skin needs, as well as finding a brand that I felt represented me. I felt like my options were slim to none, until our Company founder, Mia Le Réal,  gave me the option to participate in testing the Monsieur Le Réal SKIN facial skincare trilogy. After using the Rejuvenating Facial Serum, Enhancing Face Cream, and Illuminating Glow Oil, I saw my skin transform.  My face began to clear, and continues to improve. I also began using the Nourishing Body Cream in the scent, REFINED which I gravitated towards since it was scented with only essential oils, and the scent was long-lasting. 

I always believed in the company and brand ever since it was in developing stages because I knew Mia Le Réal was putting the very best into it. I can wholeheartedly say my skin has never felt or looked better, and neither will yours. 

The attention to detail to make sure men can resinate with Monsieur Le Réal SKIN is amazing, and I am so excited for you join in this revolution for mens skincare because we deserve to have great skin too."

R.J., Monsieur Le Réal

Instagram: @rjmonsieurlereal