More Mia Le Réal: Words of Inspiration

“I believe my faith and the principles I live by have helped me be who I am today, and continue to implement in my life to be better and better. I believe leading with confidence, determination, love, compassion, and hope, for those are the traits that help you be your best self which helps you have success in life especially with owning businesses. 

I believe we are all equal as human beings, but we are all on different levels of our own self being. As individuals, we have various levels of achievement and success, and some keep working towards the top, to be the best of themselves, and some just stay were they feel is comfortable. I try to make sure that I am always improving myself, my mindset, my work ethic, and I apply this to my businesses. 

People will always try to bring you down with the fear they have tied to their own dreams, the fear of failure, and they let that ruin them, and they will try to do that to you, but don’t let them stop you, for they are just people, imperfect human beings, so who are they to tell you anything. There will always be struggles with almost everything in life, but the real challenge is to overcome them, and that is what you have to do to become successful. Be true to yourself, don't change your core, for that is where your drive and passion came from. Always be determined, always work hard, always stay lively, and always go into everything with love, for it conquers all, and it will help you get where you need to be.

These are the mantras that I live by. I have a great belief in myself and my dreams , so while I have accomplished some great milestones in my life, there’s much much more to work towards, and I rely on these mindsets to help me stay focused and continue on the road to succession because there’s so much greatness waiting for me, and for us all, we just have to believe and work for it."

Mia Juanita Le Réal

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